A Manifesto to Promote Intimacy



How long is it since you had good/satisfying sex, hugged someone, talked about yourself to someone, felt close to someone? Intimacy means sharing and has two dimensions: physical and verbal. The idea behind this manifesto is to promote intimacy: there is too little intimacy around, and a more ‘intimate’ world would be a better world.


Possible ways of promoting intimacy, including some basic rules:


1.If you like someone and would like to get to know them more intimately, tell them; suggest spending some time together. Maybe they feel the same way, but if neither says anything, nothing will happen. Be appreciative of any expressions of interest and proposals of intimacy you receive, even from those with whom you may not wish to form a more intimate relationship. Also, learn not to be embarrassed or feel hurt if your interest in someone is not reciprocated.


2. There are various degrees of intimacy. If you wish to become more intimate with someone and tell them that you like them, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to have sex with them immediately or even in the future. You might just want to caress them, massage them, or even just go for a walk with them or talk to them. Try to discuss and actively negotiate the degree of intimacy you would like from a relationship. With occasional partners avoid mixing body fluids.


3. Learn to talk about yourself and to listen to others talking about themselves. With those around you, create a communicative atmosphere open to intimacy. Value sincerity highly, even when you don’t like what you hear.


4. Before sharing, figure out what the impact of what you want to say will be, and first ask for permission to share. Recognize when sharing is not appropriate.


5. Don’t focus your desire for intimacy on a single person and don’t become dependent on those with whom you form an intimate relationship. Associate intimacy with being close to someone, and not necessarily being dependent by  them.


6. Practice intimacy every day, in whichever form you prefer.


7. Actively seek out and mix with those who share your desire for intimacy.


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